Tasmanian Glassblower

We meet James Dodson, a Glassblower based in Tasmania. We find out how he learnt about glassblowing, how he got started and shows us how to create masterpieces with glassblowing.

We also chat to Rhys Tanton, an assistant Glass Blower. He began as a jeweller, and has now branched out into Glassblowing.

James Dodson is a Master Glassblower. His professional life began as an architectural draftsman when he went to England and discovered glass art. James was totally seduced by the molten, malleability of glass and the endless options for creativity in form and colour that it presents.

He studied glass in Sweden and worked in Greenwich London before returning to Australia to do a stint at the famous South Australian art school ‘The Jam Factory’.

He set up his workshop in Tasmania in the 80’s and gives glass blowing demonstrations to the public everyday. He says his ‘raison d’etre’ and inspiration are the frogs and birds he can see from his workshop, he says they make the world and life go round.

James is a passionate artist and says ‘hot glass has allowed him the privilege of creating works to be held in peoples homes…each piece is individually blown and sculptured in the open studio, allowing the tangible creativity to satisfy and audience and me’.

VJ Matthew Jenkin