Still life: Colleagues in Construction

For 20 years, Southern Cross Project Group (SCPG) has made its mark as one of NSW's pre-eminent building companies. In 1992 and 2000, SCPG was named Australia's fastest growing small business by BRW magazine. From modest beginnings, it has grown to a revered group with over 140 employees and a construction portfolio of more than 2000 residential, commercial and industrial buildings equalling $700 million in combined costs. SCPG is steeped in building history. Its three founding directors, Lewis Yazbek, Rick Yazbek and Craig Irwin, all come from families of builders, as does Director Andrew Box, who joined the group in 1998. In addition, many of SCPG's highly experienced employees have been with the company since inception. On average, each of the group's management team has more than 20 years experience across residential, commercial and industrial property sectors.

VJ Lucy Nash