From Jackaroo To Mentor

Stix catering was established in 1999 by chef, David ‘Stix’ Alison. Based in Marrickville, they are a Gold License Caterer and have won numerous awards, including Caterer of the Year in 2006.

David Alison is inspiring and he believes believes in working hard, following your dreams and pursuing your passion. He attended an exclusive ‘Agriculture-based’ boarding school for high school and while he didn’t particularly enjoy academic life, he always wanted to be successful and prove himself to his parents, whose commitment, dedication and hard work had always motivated him.

Here we trace David's journey from seeking employment on a mine, to working on a cattle station, where he found himself having to make meals after the chef was fired. This sparked a desire in David to be a chef, and we hear about where this exciting and opportunistic career path has taken him...


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