Skills & Sustainability – Vehicle Painting

We hear from Head Teacher of Vehicle Trades at Glendale TAFE, Brian Johnson, and Paul Polverino, Product and Training Manager of DuPont, about the environmentally friendly (spray) paint products which are being employed in the spraying of vehicles. These products are at least 80% more environmentally friendly than conventional products out on the market, reducing solvents in the atmosphere and therefore reducing the damaging impact on the crucial Ozone layer.
Eco Skills Teams is a partnership project between Dusseldorp Skills Forum (DSF) and WorldSkills Australia (WSA) in an effort to address challenges around environmental sustainability and skills.

All the Project Designers of the WSA National Competition categories have been approached to see where they can introduce real & relevant sustainable initiatives; from the design of the project to procurement of materials, including the testing & measuring of the trade skills of the young skilled competitors.

TAFE & University students will be trained and skilled as part of an Eco Skills Team that will gather data and benchmark the Nationals. This activity will provide WorldSkills Australia with the blueprint for continuous improvement around total event sustainability in future years. With the continued focus on environmentally sustainable practice, WorldSkills Australia will lead the way in encouraging young trades people to adopt smarter, more informed and sustainable ways of working.

VJ Rodney Meier