Simple Simon, the Entrepreneurial Pieman

SkillsOne heads to the home of Simple Simon, Pie Making Equipment. We chat to Tom Lindsay, owner of Lindsay Pie Making Equipment, who tells us just how he got started out manufacturing pie making equiment.

He shows us around the factory and how the pie making machines are made!

About Lindsay Pie making Equipment:

Lindsay Pie making Equipment have been designing, developing and manufacturing equipment for the pie making industry in Australia (and overseas) for over 22 years under the brand name "Simple Simon".

The range of pie-making equipment is continually updated, upgraded and improved, based on supplier and customer feedback, industry innovation and movements in technology.

The Simple Simon 4700 model produced for the Sydney 2000 Olympics showcased modern technology, performed above and beyond its expectations and repeated its success story in 2003 at the Rugby World Cup at Sydney's Telstra Stadium. The range of equipment supplied by Lindsay includes ancillary products and accessories that satisfy all the needs of bakeries. Lindsay is designed and manufactured to outlast other products.

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VJ Rodney Meier