The Phone Doctor

Reg launched the Mobilephone Workshop three years ago, but has been working with phones for almost ten years, and fixes as many as 50 phones a week! He works alone but is considering taking someone on to help in the near future...

Reg has been obsessed with knowing how things work and fixing things for his entire life. He grew up around cars and trucks as a kid and was introduced to mechanics by his dad. He left school and 15 and went to work at a motorcycle repair shop. He was there for three years and assembled bikes and did general repairs. He then moved to a car dealer, where spent 2.5 years doing odd jobs. A keen motorbike racer, he decided to work for the bike distributor from whom he bought spare parts for his own bike, but at 21 he discovered sailing, and moved away from his passion for bikes. At 25 he decided to move into the entertainment industry and joined an agency. His work increased steadily until he was doing quite a bit of TVC and dramatic work from the age of 30 to 40.

How did Reg make the leap to mobile repairs?

An acquaintance got him involved in mobile phones one day by handing him a screwdriver and asking if he could work out how to fix one. He could, and has continued to work out the mechanics of mobile phones as he goes. He enjoys the satisfaction of completing a job, as well as the freedom that working for himself allows him.

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VJ Rodney Meier