Corporate Partners for Change

SkillsOne head to Corporate Partners for Change in Western Sydney, so attend the Electrical Trade Graduation.

This is a graduation ceremony for students who have finished a seven week Electro-Technology course through the Electro Skills Council.

The Project is funded by the Department of Education and the Minister's Office provides staff to facilitate the program. They have had 580 graduates so far, targeting skills shortage areas. The students are generally long term unemployed or youth at risk. Once completing the course they have an 89% chance of gaining employment.

We chat to graduates Mario Mancia, about how he feels about the course. We also chat to Barbara Perry, MP, Minister for Western Sydney. She shares how to feels to be supporting the program.

Laisenia Vatadroka shares the benefits he's gained from the course - including the basics of Electro-Technology, from which he'd like to own his own business one day.

CEO of the Electro Group, Norm Cahill talks about the kinds of groups they support at Electro Skills.

VJ Bradley Conomy