Private Eyes Only

We meet Private Investigator Warren Mallard. He shows us some of the devices Private Investigators have used in the past, and in the present. He also shares some of his stories of the quirkier tales of things he's had to investigate, and what he looks for in a Private Investigator.

Warren Mallard comes from a law enforcement background, having spent 11 years in the New South Wales Police Department. When he retired on medical grounds his passion for investigation continued in 1982 he helped establish Lyonswood Investigations.

During the last 25 years, Warren Mallard has held the position of President in three national representative industry bodies and is regularly called upon to represent the investigation industry in matters of legislative review, dispute and mediation. He acts as an advocate for the industry and is sometimes called by Government or media as an expert in the fields of investigation and security.

To work in this industry, it is useful attain the Certificate IV in Investigative Services and Advanced Diploma Security (Risk Management). Warren holds this qualification from Canberra Institute Of Technology and has a Security Protection Industry Act Master License, a Class 2A Security Consultants license and a Private Inquiry Master and Operative License.

Although he no longer serves as a policeman, he has been awarded three times by Commissioners of Police since retirement from the N.S.W. Police, for acts of bravery and assistance to the police.

This on-going relationship with the police allows for a smooth conduit to the path to justice for the clients of Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group in matters where the police need to be involved.