Cheese & Bega

Bega Cheese is the largest employer in the Bega Valley, having grown from around 100 employees in 1997 to more than 600 employees today.

The progressive and dynamic Australian-owned regional business has a wide variety of specialisations, including:

  • Production Employees
  • Machine operators, e.g.: automated case packers
  • Cheese, butter and whey making
  • Laboratory and QA
  • Office and administration, including finance, accounts and export
  • Supply Chain - from stores to planning, supervisory, management and executive roles
  • Retail and hospitality roles at our Heritage Centre, including shop assistant and kitchen assistant
  • Engineering, including mechanical fitters, electricians, trades assistants

SkillsOne chats to John Richardson, Manager of Organisation Development at Bega Cheese, who gives us an overview of the organisation, and the kind of training and experience they offer. We also hear from a local and loyal employee, Mary Rankin, who tells us about the fulfilling career path she has chosen with Bega Cheese.

Check out the locals taste testing Bega Cheese too!

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