For over 25 years, Incat has been leading the world in developing high-speed, smooth-riding catamaran ferries.With a revolutionary wave-piercing hull design, Incat has become the number one choice for ferrying passengers and vehicles en masse across the roughest of seas.

As a symbol of Australian innovation, Incat remains a family business based on the Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania. Surrounded by some of the roughest oceans in the world, Tasmania represents a unique challenge to mariners that has inspired generations of passionate boat-builders.

This is the secret to their success: founder, Robert Clifford and his brother Tony, have seen through tough times and are now rebuilding their skilled workforce with the help of long-term staff.

"This stuff is world class, and all from a little place in Tasmania," remarks Andrew Price, a shipwright from a timber family.

It is this deep passion for boat building that has seen him easily translate his trade skills from timber ships to aluminium catamarans.