Pioneering New Skilling Solutions for Primary Industries

SkillsOne headed to the AgriFood 2008 National Conference. Robert Setter spoke at the conference, and he we share some of his insights into the Agrifood Industry.

Robert Setter is from the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F), Queensland

Robert is the driving force in achieving transparency of government's investment through the DPI&F in products and services for agribusiness and agriculture. A major focus has been to improve DPI&F’s performance management framework in line with whole-of-government recommendations from the Service Delivery and Performance Commission and the Queensland Audit Office.

Robert’s vision to revitalise DPI&F’s service delivery framework is transforming the way the department works. The fresh approach initiative aims to build skills for our future workforce; attract investment into agricultural science; and, network and modernise services to meet the changing needs of clients.

VJ Corinne Walsh