Floristry Gold

Stacey Pittman entered the WorldSkills National Competition in 2008, in the Floristry division - and won Gold. SkillsOne heads to Perth to find out what it was like to train and prepare for WorldSkills. We find out what it was like to win, and where she wants to go.

Having taken up a traineeship in floristry simply because Stacey needed a job, has now grown into her career, passion and her future. She attends TAFE, completing a three-year Floristry qualification whilst working at 'Flowers in the Garden' to develop her practical skills.

Stacey says that working with sheer amount flowers available to her in her home-town of Perth is like having Christmas all year round

She loves working with orchids and Peonie roses, and she also loves Western Australian wild flowers but says locals don’t order them much because they consider them to be just bush flowers. Stacey has competed in the Interflora competitions, The Perth Royal Show and WorldSkills - where her wall-hanging design came out as winner.

To set her designs apart from the rest, Stacey uses wire, bead and natural products to enhance her flower arrangements turning them into in unusual and creative, living works of art.

VJ Matthew Jenkin

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