Key Elements #1 – The Importance of Motivation

Motivation is a key element to any successful career and workplace - whether it's your own business or a large company.

Getting and staying motivated

How do you 'get' motivation and how do you stay motivated for the long term?

There are some things students can do to boost their ambitions and advance move ahead in a chosen field.

  • Accept the ultimate responsibility for your career development planning - no one else will do it for you
  • You need qualifications, skills and talents - that's were SkillsOne, training organisations and supportive family can help
  • You need credentials - some experience, successes and formal completed training = credibility
  • You need support from other people - your family and friends, your colleges and other people within your field can give valuable feedback to spur you on and help you play to your strengths.
  • Get a mentor - maybe it's your dad, maybe it's a teacher or someone you respect in the field you are entering. Ask them for advice - they'll be so flattered, they'll want to help.



VJ Matthew Jenkin