An Interest in Aquaculture

The Drake brothers – Robert, Ted and Len – have been running Drakes Oysters for decades. In the early 90s, a virus attacked oyster crops along the eastern coast of Australia, crippling the industry. Many farmers decided to quit the industry at that time, and even more decided to throw in the towel as the situation worsened towards the late 90s.

The Drakes however, persevered, and worked with the government to rebuild their crops, focusing on breeding Pacific Bay and Sydney Rock Oysters. They are known for reintroducing Sydney Rock Oysters back into the area after the QX virus decimated the industry in the 90s.

The Shire Group Training organisation was set up in 2006 to assist local high school students and youth to find locally-based apprenticeships and traineeships. This company looks after much of the paperwork involved in taking on a trainee, and is therefore also beneficial to the host companies.

Trent Lay is one of Drakes Oysters’ trainees, and is actually the first trainee ever placed by The Shire Group Training. He is currently completing a Cert III in Aquaculture. The company also has another trainee, Doug Masters, who is completing his Cert II in Aquaculture.