Pest Control

Are you fearless of cockroaches, ants, spiders, bees, rats, mice, fleas and termites? We may have the career for you! SkillsOne meets with Rudy Tschaut on location to talk about the varied career of pest control.

About Allguard Pest Control:

Rudy Tschaut, Proprietor of Allguard Pest Control started out over 15 years ago in 1990 as a part time hobby for its current director, Rudolf Tschaut.

Rudy started out as an electrician under Eddy Long of Long Homes. As his business grew, he added more equipment and upgraded his vehicle. Around 1988 he teamed up with Bruce Gow of Best Pest Control staging a competition that they called, "The Great Australian Bug Hunt".

They put up $1,500 of their own money as prize money for the largest catch of a spider, ant and cockroach. Newspapers and radio stations were alerted to this novel competition and Rudy and Bruce then approached the local Shopping Centre for space to stage the competition. The shopping centre was very enthusiastic about the idea and donated the space on the proviso that he get as much exposure for the event as possible.

He then enlisted the aid of his father, Adam, son Eugene, and his partner, Elizabeth to man the stalls. Large and peculiar insects and spiders were captured and put into a display.

The competition was extremely popular and business became brisk as a direct result of this unique marketing. More trucks were purchased and staff were hired to cope with the fresh demand.

Over the years Rudy has added to his "Spider and Insect Zoo" and has displayed it in all areas of Sydney to astonished crowds.

Four trucks now carry the Allguard Pest Control banner and Rudy and his staff have collected many qualifications and certifications amongst them. Training is a regular occurrence and seminars are frequently attended.

Building reports are handled by his specialist business companions. Allguard Pest control has a fine reputation for "Gold Seal" service and specialises in pest reports, termite and spider control work.

Rudy is a keen competitor in motor cycle racing when he is not controlling bugs and has fiercely competed in competitions at Eastern Creek and Phillip Island.

He also has won the table tennis championship at the Wentworthville Leagues club under the coaching of his old foe, Bruce "Clubber" Gow.

VJ Bradley Conomy