Deconstructing Computers at WorldSkills

This story focuses on the PC support category of the WorldSkills Competition. We meet one of the skilled competitors, Robert Radevski, who pulled apart his first computer in high school, simply keen to learn more. Here at the Convention Centre in Sydney, we watch Robert's skilful mind and hands in action. He amazes audiences as he dismantles PCs with expert precision...

About PC Support At WorldSkills:

This year, PC support has six competitors, all of whom are male. The competition requires the competitors to provide a solution to a business, by setting up a network for that business. Many skills are targeted in the tasks, including configuring and administering a network operating system, connecting internal hardware components and installing and managing network protocols.

Twenty-two hours of competition are undertaken, with competitors chasing the footsteps of previous star competitors who have achieved silver at international level. The tasks are complex and time consuming, however achievable by someone highly competent with specific training in PC Support.

Specific tasks include assembling a PC from its main components and planning, creating and managing use access network accounts. This category has been aptly designed to simulate a workplace or business scenario.

Tasks are suited to challenge technical officers who perform fault-finding, installation and routine maintenance of PCs and Local Area Networks in businesses and industries. The tasks are extremely realistic and very relevant to today’s business.

About Robert:

Robert Radevski is 20 years old and a whiz at computers. As a youngster, Robert was interested in gizmos and gadgets, like snazzy watches. He wanted a computer from a young age, simply thinking he would be cool if he owned his own computer.

Robert is a wealth of information regarding computers. When studying IT at high school, Robert realised the concepts and terminologies surrounding computers came quite easily to him. He would fiddle with his own computer, one day pulling it right apart when he couldn’t figure out his problem.

After finishing his Certificate II in IT at high school, Robert decided to go to TAFE, where he skipped Certificate III, accelerating straight to Certificate IV in Networking. At TAFE, Robert was lucky enough to meet a friend who was a university graduate in IT and was studying his course to ‘kill time.’

This friend who topped the state in the TAFE course was a great source of inspiration and helped Robert in the area of PC Support. Robert then studied for his diploma, all the time also wanting industry experience. He was the first diploma student to be taken on as employment for his current employer, Atlas Corp Co.

His ultimate dream is to start up his own mobile business in PC Support, but also branching out into other areas of IT such as setting up wireless networks at homes.

VJ Rodney Meier