Plumbing with MEGT

MEGT is a national company that deals with apprenticeships, traineeships and school-based apprenticeships and is driven by strong, people centred values. The organisation seeks positive change and innovative solutions in the areas of employment, training and education. MEGT is committed to being Australia’s leading training and support services provider, and acknowledges the differing requirements of both its community and commercial obligations.

Glen Douglass left school and did a pre-apprenticeship in plumbing, which was a 3 month course at trade school. After finishing this course he was then able to look for a job as an apprentice, and is now currently in his second year.

Andrew Shelton, the boss, who employs four plumbing apprentices who have been through MEGT, highly recommends the program which Glen undertook. Andrew's affiliation with MEGT means that they organises annual leave, sick leave, superannuation etc for his employees. This saves Andrew hours of bookwork and administration costs.

The particularly great thing about MEGT is they have a secure mentoring system, which means that the apprentices never feel like they are on their own. If there are unsafe or unsatisfactory work practices on a site they can report to their expert field officer, Simon Miller.

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