From TAFE to Fashion Week

TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio is the only Australian fashion school to present designer collections at Australian Fashion Week. We go behind the scenes with School Director, Nicholas Huxley, as he prepares for the show.

Every year the Director of TAFE NSW’s Fashion Design Studio selects his four most promising students to appear at Fashion Week.

World renowned for its innovation and creativity, Sydney Institute’s Fashion Design Studio has long been recognised as the premier fashion design institute in Australia. The Fashion Design Studio’s annual appearance at Australian Fashion week is considered an insight into Australia’s fashion future and it is the only fashion school in Australia that is invited to participate.

Past graduates of the institute include fashion icons Akira Isogawa, Alex Perry, Wayne Cooper, Nicky Zimmerman and Lisa Ho. The school is recognised as one of the top ten fashion schools in the world.

About Nicholas Huxley

Nicholas Huxley is the head of TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio and is considered an influential figurehead in the Australian fashion industry. He was born in New Guinea in 1955 and moved to Australia at the age of 10. In 1973 he commenced part time study at the Fashion Design studio at East Sydney Tech and in 1974 commenced full time study for a Certificate in Fashion. In 1977 he started working as a designer for CUE before moving to design for other Australian labels and in 1979 he began teaching Fashion Illustration at the Dress Design Studio of East Sydney Tech. In 1984 he commenced full time teaching at East Sydney Tech while continuing to freelance for a number of labels and magazines. Six years later, in 1990, he became the head of the Fashion Design Studio and in ’95 was asked to be part of the first Australian Fashion Week, producing what has become an annual parade.

Nicholas picked 22-year old Dion Lee, graduate from TAFE NSW Design Studio, to show his collection at Fashion Week. Dion's inspiration for this collection is functions of the human body, particularly cell division. He’s used graphic imagery, innovative cuts and bold design to create sophisticated, strong garments for discerning women.