Moo Baa Munch – Get Down To The Farm!

The inaugural Moo Baa Munch event, held in conjunction with Corinda State High School, brought agriculture to the suburbs of Brisbane. AgForce partnered with the school and its spectacular farm facilities to showcase beef cattle, chickens, horses, sheep and plants and to students and families in a bid to break through the first layer of understanding the food supply chain. Just as importantly, presenters in a diverse range of fields were on hand to explain production systems, animal care, cropping and just where food comes from before it ends up on the dinner plate.

Response to Moo Baa Munch was overwhelming. More than 800 primary and secondary school students visited the event while on the family open days over the weekend more than 2000 people came through the gates. Young children were delighted while parents and teachers said it was one of the most valuable educational experiences they have been part of in a long time.

Moo Baa Munch is the latest strategy designed by AgForce to influence the metropolitan psyche. It follows other great initiatives including ‘Every Family Needs a Farmer’, The MEATing Centre and AgConnect. It is already envisaged Moo Baa Munch will evolve and become an annual event that further complements the efforts to highlight the importance of rural industries and the diversity of careers available within the sector.