A Passion For The Seafood Industry And Innovative Aquaculture Training

Seafood Industry Australia Ltd (SIA) is proud and privileged to have funded this video/DVD.

This short documentary is about a Seafood Industry Champion who passionately shares his approach, views and visions on future directions toward multi-dimensional Career Pathways and an innovative approach to Education and Training. Joe Coco is one of the pioneers in Queensland Prawn Farming, a highly credentialed Vocational Trainer and a graduate of the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP).

Utilising Australia’s, and possibly the World’s, largest “Mobile Aquaculture Training Unit”, Joe explains how the hi-tech and innovative facility works and showcases the end product of market size Barramundi and vegetables grown by the students. This seafood and salad approach enables young people to see how it is possible to grow a wholesome healthy nutritious meal through aquaculture. Additionally it promotes the opportunity to discuss within the schools issues such as obesity and chronic diseases and how a healthy nutrition diet will assist future generations avoid the today’s major health issues. Such projects also give students a real life and hands-on experience allowing them a sense of ownership to the project.

From a training perspective the video also demonstrates an innovative approach to delivery and assessment methods catering for a range of students that have low or high literacy and numeracy levels. It complements the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority’s role to make mandatory “Primary Industries” subjects from Kindergarten to Year 8 in the first stage of its process and then continue on to senior subjects and VET programs within schools.

Finally, with Joe’s passion and his longer term vision, he shows opportunities for Indigenous, urban, rural and remote training, providing equilibrium in learning and job opportunities across the spectrum.

VJ Thomas Greader