Melbourne Master Chef: Teage Ezard

From his humble apprenticeship days peeling carrot after carrot, Teage Ezard is now the owner and Executive Chef of two of Melbourne's most successful and popular restaurants - Ezard and Gingerboy.

Teage talks to SkillsOne about his experience as an apprentice and how important he felt guidance and having a mentor was in the development of his career.

Teage completed his apprenticeship under the guidance of renowned chef, Hermann Schneider, whose restaurant, Two Faces, in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra, was long regarded as one of Australia's best.

Now, in turn, Teage provides guidance to his own young apprentices.

Meet Emma McCaskill, one of Teage's brightest and most talented apprentices. She provides insight into her own reasons for becoming a chef and how it feels to be trained by one of the country's best.

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