The Effects Master

Here we go into the Creature NFX Workshop in Sydney where we meet Paul Trefry - its founder - who has been making special-effects creatures for the film and TV industry for years.

Creature NFX Workshop was launched by Paul in 1987 and the company has now grown into a major national and international creative force, devising costumes, creatures, models and animatronics for the film, TV and advertising industries.

Paul has always been interested in creature and model making. His first ever ‘creature’ was a horse he put together with two friends that was made out of his pyjamas and gum boots. Eight months later he built his first model – a plane – with his dad. Throughout his childhood he continued to experiment with different projects, all achieving various degrees of success.

In 1983, at the age of 16, Paul realised that his interests had led him to want to enter the world of special effects. Since there was no formal training in the area available at the time, Paul decided to study Graphic Design at TAFE where he learned all about using paints, illustrations and other materials to bring his ideas to life. In 1985 Paul began working as a freelance model-maker for a number of Production and special effects companies and in 1987 he travelled to the UK for three months and visited the Jim Henson Creature Shop. It was here that Paul realised his life’s ambition and upon returning to Australia he started Creature NFX Workshop.

VJ Bradley Conomy