Allplastics Art

Phil can talk about plastic all day long. He left school in year 10 and has been working at Allplastics for 8 years. He likes working with sheets of acrylic and building custom designed pieces from scratch.He has worked on the bridge that appears in this season of the TV show "Gladiators" and is working on special domed lights for the army.Phil has made the tubular light centre-piece formation at Star City Casino. Other objects Phil works on at Allplastics include signs, light boxes, show room display cabinets, menu holders, boat windows and fish tanks.

He's also created a custom made stand for Lucas Neale's soccer ball and boots.

There are a number of skills Phil employs each day on the job, he plans carefully each cut and bend to avoid material wastage. He sets up heat bending machines and jogs for straight edges. He uses a heat tool to polish rough edges to smooth shiney forms. He loves taking a raw sheet and turning into a polished finished form.

Allplastics Engineering Pty Ltd, is a privately owned Australian business specialising in the machining, fabrication and supply of thermoplastic materials for industrial, building and architectural applications. With experience of more than 30 years in the plastics industry Allplastics Engineering offers the widest range of services and materials in the plastics industry in Australia.

VJ Rodney Meier