Hilton: The Next Generation – Part 2

We continue our special feature "Access All Areas" and in Part 2 we follow Sydney Hilton's top trainees as they organise one of the biggest events of the year.

It's a in inside look at what it takes to be a future manager in the Hilton group. This is a crucial opportunity for the events team to showcase their skills before their most critical judges, their peers and seniors.

Part 2

In part 2, the team has just 5 hours to go. For many of the trainees this is their first big event challenge. As the day progresses we see their team work, problem solving skills and individual qualities come to the fore.

From the kitchen to the event floor, the pressure is hotting up.

Featuring: key members of Sydney Hilton's events team Neville Alexander (Event Operations Manager), Eric Van Der Molen (Executive Sous Chef), Sean Grainger (Events Floor Manager) and Daniel Ho (Events Team Leader).

VJ Michael Park

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