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SkillsOne heads to Warwick Farm Berry stables to meet Nathan and Tommy Berry, who are doing their jockey apprenticeship. We also chat to their trainer, Malcolm Johnston, who shares what's involved in an apprenticeship.

About Malcolm, Nathan and Tom:

Starting out as a successful horse rider and racer, Malcolm Johnston went on to take up racehorse training in 1997, being based at Hawkesbury, and has prepared more than 200 winners including Stakes winners Shags and Stella Marie. At the start of 2008 Malcolm joined the team at Racing NSW as 'Training Officer - Hunter & North West Region' bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to Racing NSW.

Nathan and Tommy Berry are studying their Certificate IV Jockey apprenticeships under Malcolm's guidance. The boys are apprenticed to their father, racehorse trainer Kevin Berry, but jockey trainers, Malcolm and Ron Quinton, are their main training officers.

The two trainees show us what they do at the Warwick Farm Berry stables. Typical day is to get up 3:30am, saddle up a horse each, and ride family owned and trained horses. The young trainee jockeys race from 11:30am at various meets.

About the industry:

The Racing industry has a shortage of jockeys and needs more apprentices. Industry Training Department Racing runs specialised training with four options for people interested in entering the racing industry - apprentice jockey, stablehand, trackwork rider, horse trainer.

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