Food & Bev @ Worldskills

Here we discover the importance of WorldSkills in giving students the skills and opportunities needed to achieve their goals.

About Food & Bev:

The VETIS Food and Bev competitors are teamed up with a competitor from the VETIS cookery category - the cookery competitor prepares and cooks the food (Day One - Breakfast; Day Two - Casual Lunch; Day Three - Formal Dinner) and the Food & Bev competitor does the table settings, serves the meals and also prepares and serves drinks, such as espresso coffee service, non-alcoholic drinks and a mocktail they’ve creatively designed.

About Annabelle:

Annabelle Kennett is a Year 12 student at All Saints College in Bathurst. She became involved in WorldSkills through her part time job at a local restaurant called Restaurant 92. She has a second job at the local cinema. Annabelle is hoping to get high marks in her HSC so she can go on to do International Studies at University.

She plans to defer her uni degree and go to Africa in January to spend 9 months as a volunteer worker, implementing health education programs and gender empowerment. After visiting her aunt, who lives in Africa, Annabelle was inspired to go back and do some research.

She discovered a company called ‘Student Partnership Worldwide’ and put her name down to volunteer. Annabelle’s goal is to one day combine all her skills to open up a restaurant or hotel in a third world country and use it to help the local community by employing and training them to work there.