Crop Training at the AACC

Growing crops: harvesting, planting and selling crops. Students at the Australian Agricultural College learn life skills, such as what insects live in crops and how to evade them. We find out about the skills they learn at the corporation and the jobs skills learnt. We see the crops that are harvested at the multiple campuses at the AACC.The Australian Agricultural College Corporation (AACC) was formed in 2005 when the Australian College of Tropical Agriculture (incorporating Burdekin Agricultural College and Mareeba Environmental College), Dalby Agricultural College, Emerald Agricultural College and Longreach Pastoral College joined forces.

AACC combines more than 130 years' experience in agricultural education and training in a range of specialisations, across five campuses located in a range of different geographic and climatic regions.

The AACC has training grounds totaling 59 800 hectares throughout Queensland.

Video Courtesy of the AACC.

VJ Andrew Little