Bringing Meat to the Masses

SkillsOne chats to Lachlan Bowtell from the Meat And Livestock Australia (MLA) to chat about the changing meat industry. Lachlan chats at the Royal Easter Show about the changing demands from consumers - with butchers being more chefs, than simply cutting meat.

About MLA:

Meat & Livestock Australia provides R&D and marketing services to the red meat industry. Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is a producer-owned company, working in partnership with industry and government to achieve a profitable and sustainable red meat and livestock industry. MLA has the unique responsibility of providing marketing and research services to its 43,500 livestock producer members and the broader red meat industry to help them meet community and consumer expectations.

MLA key issues:

  • Animal Welfare: Australia's cattle producers genuinely care for their cattles' health and welfare.
  • Quality/Safety: Australia's cattle producers abide by the most stringent rules, regulations and practices to ensure Australian beef is the safest in the world.
  • Technology/R&D: Australia's cattle producers invest wisely in research and embrace technology to continually enhance efficiency, sustainability and safety.
  • Culture: Australia's cattle producers have a rich heritage and embrace a way of life that is integral to Australia's unique spirit and cultural identity.
  • Food: Australia's cattle producers are committed to providing the highest quality, finest beef in the world.
  • Environment: Australia's cattle producers are committed to enhancing and protecting the environment to ensure it remains healthy, now and for future generations.