HTN on board HMAS Tobruk with George

HTN (Hospitality Training Network) is a leading Group Training Organisation established to provide the hospitality and related industries with quality Apprentices and Trainees. This video will show you the importance of hospitality training for the Royal Australian Navy young chefs and stewards across the Fleet.

We are on board HMAS Tobruk with George Carpinato who is the Industry Advisor for HTN. He was invited on board to oversee the operation of the Catering Department within a maritime environment with a crew of around 500. Great team work is observed throughout the period as the chefs produce and maintain a very high standard of food service. They are very respected by the ships company as being an extremely hardworking team! As well as their chef duties, they also provide a duty to SMET (Ships Medical Emergency Team), flight deck duties, and seamanship evolutions, 24 hours a day at sea.

Having George from HTN has been an invaluable asset for Tobruk's catering team because of his experience within the industry. Here you will find out the different ways you can join the Navy, and the perks that come with the job.