Amazing Mosaics

Amazing Mosaics is a unique Western Australian company owned and operated by artist, Nathan Hopkins.

Originally from Busselton in the South West, Nathan's artistic talent was evident from a young age. Steadily maturing as an artist ever since, Nathan (36) is now WA's premier mosaic tiling artist as well as a practised master of drawing, painting and sculpture.

Nathan's ability to create life-like mosaic tile scenes is truly amazing. His special smash-tile technique and creative flare results in eye-perfect 3D features that are weather proof and everlasting monuments. His mosaic talents extend to landscaping enhancements, pizza ovens, feature walls, night club interior designs, water features, wall hangings, table tops and public works.

For example, Nathan works with Tom Fay - business owner of Terracotta Tile Company - to design mosaics for Tom's water features and DIY pizza ovens.

How did Nathan discover his skill for mosaics? A talented painter, during a creative ‘block’ Nathan found mosaic making in a ‘how to magazine’ and began experimenting, falling in love with the ancient trade and creating an artistic niche for his work.

Nathan loves mosaics because they will last forever and stand the test of time. He shares his skills with school students and was recently invited to create a mural of a rainbow displaying the word ‘respect’ with the students.

VJ Matthew Jenkin