Displaying the Region

Royal Easter Show District Exhibits being prepared by teams of around 15 people. Arranging apples, grains and other produce to a design of award winning standards for the Royal Easter Show.  Arthur John, manager of the Northern District exhibit, will have a crew of 14-15 people there working on the exhibit going ‘flat out’. The exhibit will show how food varies depending on where it’s grown: such as the grain of the Northern Region.

About the display: 

The Australian Bush is their theme for this year– they have a designer who comes up with the theme, where grain and apples should go and then younger people put it together. Arthur manages the team. Everyone is from the northern region who helps out: people from schools, work experience people. He likes to bring the young people down, as they learn something from it. He’s been on the land all his life.

Had a cattle stud, used to prepare and lead cattle for the shows, and was supposed to be retired but got into the displays 12 years ago and has managed the team for the last 6. In his first year they came 4th, second year they came 2nd and have come first for the last three years. Arthur doesn’t think they’ll win this year because there was too much rain over the year and this affected the produce. Out of 69 days - 60 days of rain, 2 days, 7 days overcast.

Arthur believes that they have won in previous years because they have exceptionally good produce and growers which have supported the project (as it mainly relies on donations). He loves to compete, loves the competition, coming to Sydney, likes to meet the people from the other district courts as he only gets to see them once a year.

The back wall is the highlight of this year’s exhibit, 100% out of grain, broad range of colours. Display has to be all natural produce. There is lots of movement on the deck, with Kangaroos bobbing up and down. The exhibit has been going for 70 years, and this is a world class exhibit!

VJ Bradley Conomy