Are you in the wrong job?

Unsure of your true calling?

Do you find yourself doing tasks that you love doing yet not getting paid for? Then this is a video for you!

A lot of people leave school, embark on study and a career only to find it's not what they really love doing.

If you're thinking about changing careers - this video makes you stop and think: What do you love doing? Where would you rather be?

Career-changing Tips

The thought of a career change can be stressful, confusing and scary for some. Others seize the chance to make a change for the better, even if it means a shift in income, location, lifestyle or training.

Changing to a trade-based career may be an option for people who prefer practical roles, hands-on work, specialised skills or the desire to work for themselves and not be confined to an office.

So, if you're having trouble dragging yourself out of bed and off to work - here are our tips for career changing:

1. Think about what you really enjoy doing

2. Think about the achievements you would value in life

3. Seek feedback from others about what you're good at

4. Research the options for re-training

5. Put a plan in place to do it!



VJ Matthew Jenkin