The Property Stylists

After years as stay-at-home mums, Jacq and Diane are successful Property Stylists with a passion for painting, decorating and working together.

When studying painting at TAFE as mature-age students, Jacq and Diane met and instantly knew they wanted to work together. At the beginning of 2007 Jacquie Forrest and Di Robinson formed a painting and decorating company: Jacq and Diane, Property Stylists.

Jacq returned to school to finish her HSC as a mum in 2001 and now the women run a successful property stylist company preparing houses for sale. A hallmark of their work is attention to detail and cleaning up afterwards - a trait their male competitors in the painting/decorating fields often seem to forget! It makes them and their customers happy.

Both are former students of the Painting and Decorating Course at Illawarra Institute. The Course at Illawarra Institute is designed especially for women many of whom are returning to the workforce after having raised children. Both Jacquie and Di are mothers who had not worked for a long period and were beginning to feel that they were "just a mum and just a wife". Now they are business owners and as fit as they were when they were 20. Doing the painting and decorating course at TAFE not only gave them a new skill but a new lease on life.