What Every Apprentice Should Know

David 'Stix' Alison shows us his work which is one of the oldest professions there are: being a chef. He runs the award winning Stix Catering in Marrickville. He discusses how being a chef is a career - and gives advice to future apprentices. He encourages apprentice chefs to be passionate about their work, to be committed, to keep a goal in mind, despite some of the challenges apprentice chefs will face in starting - like long hours, or hard physical work. But, he says, the rewards are worth it in time - such as the personal satisfaction of creating dishes which people adore and being able to travel anywhere in the world - irrespective of language barriers. David says it's essential to do something you love, not for money  or you'll never be happy.

Company Background

Stix catering was established in 1999 by chef, David ‘Stix’ Alison.

They are a Gold License Caterer and have won numerous awards, including Caterer of the Year in 2006.

They are based in Marrickville and currently employ 35 full time staff, and 20 permanent casual staff as required.

David has had a few apprentices who he’s invested in, trained, and mentored, a number of who have gone on to win Apprentice of the Year awards while working with him.

VJ Bradley Conomy

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