Shaping futures

A group of kids have rediscovered a reason to participate at school through the innovative “Owning Our School” program at Mulwaree High School in Goulburn.

Through the craft and trade of metal work, these students get to experience hands-on learning, practical skills and how they can channel teenage frustrations into creativity.
Since 2004 more than 80 students have been transformed by the project, gaining skills, self-esteem and pride. Instead of school being a grey, uninspiring environment it has become a place of art and vision.
The program is run by two founders: Industrial Arts teachers Bill Dorman and Suzie Bleach. We go inside their workshop, tour the sculpture trail, and observe the students construct their dreams and desires with metal.
We also highlight how the success of their students, in winning consecutive SIA Sculpture Awards, has helped change the spirit of a troubled local environment, and infused positivity and direction into their future.
VJ Niyati Parikh