Floristry @ Buds n’ Bowers

In this special edition of SkillsOne Oasis Walking Tour, we meet JJ Phan, who has has been running Buds and Bowers for two years after purchasing the business from a friend. He initially did the delivery and 'behind the scenes' side of floristry when he opened a florist shop with his mum in Darlinghurst a few years ago, leaving his mum and other stuff to do the creative 'flowery' stuff! But he eventually got sick of deliveries and decided to try his hand at arranging, and, realising he had a natural ability, has not looked back!

Most of Buds n' Bowers' business is corporate clients, and they also get a lot of business from overseas (people either find their website online, or remember them from Sydney holidays and choose them to deliver flowers to friends in Sydney).

This video is enlightening: it demonstrates how skills and talents can be hidden, and you just never know where your career path may head!

About Oasis:

Oasis gives young people hope, help and opportunities to access relevant education, training, jobs, counselling, and drug/alcohol programs across Australia. SkillsOne chats to John Harris, the Vocational Support Program Co-ordinator in Surry Hills about the program.

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Floristry @ Buds n’ Bowers

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