Kempsey Metal Kings

Maths? Nah. English? No way. Being paid to learn Metalwork? Sweet!

Being paid to learn skills in metalwork - while still at school - is a project Kempsey High School has undertaken in conjunction with local businesses to give kids a broader set of career options for when they leave school.

SkillsOne visits Kempsey High School to see their Metals Program in action - chatting to the students, Principal and industry partners involved in the project.

The NSW country school has been manufacturing products for local industry partners for the past 6 months. The students, of course, get hands on experience working with metals in real-life situations (creating products which are locally sold) at the same time strengthen ties with local employers - and on some occasions,impressing potential employers by improving of designs on work.

It is a great way for schools help kids find direction and to locally address the skills shortage. And a nice excuse to get out of Maths!

VJ Bradley Conomy