The Laser Technician

Today we go into the world of hair removal! It is more than mere plucking with tweezers or trimming with scissors like was typical for our grandparents - in this heightened body-image conscious age, hair removal has become a highly technical and well-trained and -researched art!

We talk to Nazmul Kafoa, a trained laser technician who demonstrates to us the technique of laser hair removal. Nazmul hails from Fiji, and she did a course in beauty therapy there. Her last job in Fiji involved managing 13 spas with 45 staff! Upon coming to Australia just over a year ago, Naz was introduced to laser therapy (she did electrolysis in Fiji, but this was a very painful process). Laser removal is permanent, and is speedy, efficient and painless - an underarm can be done in 5-10 minutes. She enjoys meeting different people and helping them out as hair is a major issue for many - especially women.

We also hear from Nadine Ismiel, the research and development manager for NAD's, and one of the daughters of the founder of this company - Sue Ismiel. NAD’s is today a successful and reputable Australian owned global brand, and it's originator, Sue, and her daughters Nadine, Natalie and Naomi, are in charge of the running of the business.

The Nad’s Laser Hair Removal Clinic is the culmination of years of research, understanding that to achieve great results with lasers, you must have the best technology and approach. Nadine researched and tested lasers for a good 2 years before exposing the procedure to consumers. She not only looked for which one worked the best but which was the least painful so that the client received quality and comfort.

VJ Bradley Conomy

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