Puzzle Master

Pool tiler Adriano Abbattista is a master of the traditional and beautiful trade of mosaic.

He developed his passion during school holidays and weekends whilst working with and learning the trade from his skilled father, and eventually completed his apprenticeship under his Dad's guideful eye, and now Adriano helps run the small family business.

A brief history

Mosaic is the art of decoration with small pieces of colored glass, stone or other material. It may be a technique of decorative art, an aspect of interior decoration or of cultural and spiritual significance as in a cathedral. Often the mosaic creates a pattern or picture and mosaics have been used across the ancient world for domestic interior decoration. For example, 4th century BC mosaics are found in the Macedonian palace-city of Aegae, in the floors of Hellenistic villas and Roman homes across Europe and into Africa. In Rome, Nero and his architects used mosaics to cover the surfaces of walls and ceilings in the famous Domus Aurea, built in AD 64.

With architects and designers always looking for that special edge in their buildings, mosaic tiling has experienced a resurgence in the past decade and is boosted by leading manufacturers such as Bisazza and its use in everyday places such as swimming pools.

Tiling and mosaic work is a true art, craft and trade.