The Importance of Happiness in the Workplace

We’ll meet Clinical Psychologist and Organizational Psychology expert Dr Tim Sharp – also known as Dr Happy – is the founder of The Happiness Institute. He regularly works with business owners and organizations to teach them how to motivate staff, increase productivity and retain staff by focusing on simple ways to keep their staff happy.

Dr. Timothy Sharp is a well known and highly regarded Clinical and Coaching Psychologist. In recent years he has been devoted to promoting the importance of happiness in the workplace and regularly lectures or comments publicly on the topic.

He is a lecturer at the University of Sydney and NSW, an author (his books, “The Happiness Handbook” and “The Good Sleep Guide” were both best sellers) and a highly regarded public speaker that often runs workshops with organisations.

The Happiness Institute:

The Happiness Institute was established in September 2003 by Dr. Timothy Sharp. Their program, “Happiness @ Work” was created because he realised that happiness in the workplace is proven to be associated with higher levels of staff satisfaction, productivity and team work, better retention rates and lower turnover.

Typically he will meet with relevant managers of an organisation (such as HR and Recruitment Managers) to review the company’s needs and goals. They then assess what the company has already tried to do to enhance staff satisfaction and whether or not these attempts have been successful.

The Happiness Institute then make recommendations – and develop a program – that suits the company’s values, culture, goals and budget.

VJ Bradley Conomy