Fashionable Yoga

Marina Jacoby started a company which create fashionable yoga wear - with her brand Marina J. We find out about her yoga wear, how she started off and what qualities she gives her yoga wear - and why.

About Marina:

Marina Jacoby has a Diploma in Yoga. She was a yoga teacher for 10 classes per week, but after deciding she wanted to focus on yoga wear, she cut down to 2 classes and she spends most of her time getting her label out there, really pushing the wholesale side!

She teaches yoga in the city for different companies. She also spends a lot of time working on new designs, at the end of this year more colours and designs will be emerging.

After walking around constantly being annoyed and disappointed with the lack of choices for females in yoga wear. Marina took up the challenge of designing her own yoga wear.

Having no experience in clothes design, and didn’t have a clue of how to sew. She had a desire to make women feel beautiful, and fabulous.

She realised no clothes ever fit women they way they should she wanted to create something that fit perfectly.

She spent hours researching different materials. Marina is an extremely passionate woman, having no experience in anything, this self taught woman always had an “inner knowing” that the business was going to work.

Marina says “If you feel talented... Go For It!”

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