The Entrepreneur Electrician

Pete has already achieved a lot. Leaving school at 18, he was inspired by a family friend to get into the electrical trade and started his training at North Sydney TAFE, joining the Somerville Group to allow him to complete his 4 year apprenticeship.

Pete says he enjoyed the challenges of his apprenticeship and values all the skills he learned. He especially liked the fact that he was earning money while he trained. The skills he picked up with the Somerville Group stood him in good stead when he took and passed a skills knowledge test over in the UK, where he moved a year or so after completing his apprenticeship. Pete stayed in England for three and a half years, using his electrical trade to earn him a very decent living.

Pete has since come back to Australia and has started his own business: Enviro Electrical, which is based in the Northern Beaches. At the moment, while he establishes himself, he is happily working 6 days a week, he says that's its important to take on as many contracts as he can, and there seems to be a big demand for his skills.

Pete hopes Enviro Electrical will be well known within a year, and he will start to develop and expand his business. With the explosion in homes and businesses switching over to a more sustainable and environmentally aware use of power he has no doubt there will be plenty of projects in the future.

VJ Liam Mackenzie