Austal: Leading the world in ship building

Austal is leading company in the design and construction of customised aluminum commercial and defence vessels.

They started off as a small ship building company and have now expanded into the international market. Ship building is competitive so it's essential for Austal that they attract and keep the most qualified and skilled workers.

Austal has been been working with Challenger TAFE to implement a new apprentice training system that sees a seamless transition between technical training and on the job experience. They say their success is due to their staff.

In Australia, Austal provides employment for over 1,200 people covering technical, administrative, management and construction careers in shipbuilding at its two major ship construction facilities Austal Ships and Austal Image.

Their US based shipyard currently employs over 1000 people and is expanding rapidly.

At present they have 330 apprentices that are already learning their trades from the world’s best aluminium shipbuilders.

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