Star Rating Scheme: Gippsland Group Training

Gippsland Group Training - Apprenticeships Victoria were recently awarded a 3 Gold star rating in Carpentry and Plumbing by the Institute for Trade Skills Excellence.
GGT-AV is a not-for-profit, group training organisation which services both the Melbourne and Gippsland regions in Victoria.

They currently employ and train more than 1200 apprentices in Automotive, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Fitting & Turning, Metal Fabrication and associated trades. They offer apprenticeships in all of these skill shortage trades.

As a Registered Training Organisation, they specialise in providing quality, innovative trade training to apprentices in these trades. They train our their apprentices, as well as apprentices employed by other businesses, and because they work with hundreds of leading host employers, their training is industry-driven, flexible and relevant to Australian employers.