The Clever Builder

Here we meet a construction professional - Kevin - who has turned his passion for the hospitality and entertainment industries into a lucrative little business - Klever Builders.

Kevin is proof that broadening your skill set can broaden your business opportunities. His father advised Kevin to get an apprenticeship, and so immediately after school, he pursued Cabinet Making in Queensland. After his apprenticeship, he worked for some time in various jobs in clubs and bars in Sydney. Kevin supplemented his income by doing some construction work during the day time and soon found himself specialising in construction, building and fitting for clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants.

His company, Klever Builders, was established about eight months ago and Kevin does most of the work himself. Kevin has always enjoyed working with his hands, but particularly enjoys his current speciality in hospitality because of the diversity it offers him. His job requires quick thinking and a knack for problem solving, and he enjoys needing to think outside the square and approach problems creatively.

In this video, SkillsOne visits Kevin during the early stages of the construction/fitting of a new 'lobby' cafe in an office building in North Sydney.


VJ Rodney Meier