The Beat of Your Own Drum

We talk to Beau Bruderlin about his company, In Rhythm and the benefits of working with drums. He chats about his organisation, and the services they provide at In Rhythm - from drum making classes, to corporate team building retreats.

He shows us how to create a drum and how to create music while drumming.

They will demonstrating the process on the most popular hand drum in the world – the Djembe.

About In Rhythm:

In Rhythm was established in 2000 by Beau Bruderlin and Tim Orgias, who shared a mutual passion for drumming. The company offers both corporate and community drumming classes, workshops and events.

Their corporate and team building sessions have been popular with business owners and managers who want to offer something unique to keep their staff motivated and engaged in the workplace, and to build more beneficial relationships between colleagues.

They also offer a range of community drumming options, such as group drumming circles, drumming workshops, drum making workshops and performance.

The drum making course shows clients how to take a genuine raw drum shell from West Africa and take it through each production phase – finishing, roping, skinning and decorating – to create a unique drum.

The drum types taught include the Djembe, Dun Duns (African Bass Drums), and Kpanlogos.

The company will expand into the Asian market in early 2009, establishing drumming retreats, corporate team building, global conferences and community drumming courses in Bali.

About Beau:

Beau Bruderlin had once been a fund manager/stock broker for a multinational bank in the Sydney CBD. In 1995 he decided to quit corporate life and found himself moving to Ghana where he lived for two years.

It was here that he was taught about drumming under the guidance of master drummer, Adjettei Adjei in 1996. He also learned how to make drums during this time.

He is passionate about drumming, and believes strongly in In Rhythm’s mission: to heal people and organisations through the trans-formative power of rhythm.

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VJ Linda Mirabilio