TAFE NSW Sydney Institute & Ultimo Science Festival present The Weird Food Dinner

Weird food dining….is it a fad or will we all be experimenting with our food in 20 years and wondering what all the fuss was about?

Heston Blumenthal, Ferrán Adriá and others like them are leading the way in the development of unconventional recipes, involving rule-breaking experiments and the application of scientific principles to cooking. Doesn’t seem so crazy – people have been using their ‘inner scientific nous’ for generations – but with dishes like snail porridge, jelly of quail and exploding desserts, the bar has been set fairly high for Ultimo College’s hospitality students, as part of this year's Ultimo Science Festival.

At this dinner, TAFE students were challenged to develop recipes and serve dishes using the principles of cooking developed by this new generation of chefs.

VJ Hugh Hourigan