Small Wonders

After deciding that he wanted to run his own business, Alex Perry and his wife, Angela, decided to do it in the field of producing gourmet cupcakes. They had been inspired the success of specialist cupcake bakeries in the US, and believed the trend could work just as well in Australia.

In early 2006, they launched the business from their home, supplying the treats to various stores and cafes, as well as selling them at the markets. The following year, the couple opened their flagship bakery on Oxford Street in Paddington. They now have two stores (the other is located on George Street in the city) and employ up to 15 staff per store. Alex hopes to open more Cupcake Bakery sites in future - a move which would definitely work towards alleviating the current skills shortage in the hospitality industry.

The Perry's bake a wide range of flavours, from the classics like vanilla and chocolate, to the more unique and unusual like the Chilli Chocolate cupcake. Alex has seen cupcakes become more and more popular in recent years, and has especially noticed an increase in people getting them for corporate functions. They are also now popular alternatives for weddings and birthday cakes.


VJ Linda Mirabilio

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