Simplifying Soil

SkillsOne meets with Simon Leake who tours us around his laboratory and discusses the soil and environmental industry and the opportunities within it.

Simon chats about the skills needed to be able to analyze and correct unhealthy soil.

About SESL:

Sydney Environmental and Soil Laboratory has been a leader in agricultural, environmental and horticultural consulting and laboratory services since 1984. Their services are used by a wide range of industries, including mining, agriculture, civil construction, environment, government, horticulture, turf and waste management. Highly trained consultants and laboratory staff form specialised teams tailored to the client’s individual project needs.

From backyard vegetable gardens to complex contaminated site investigations, SESL can deliver the skills, experience and most cost-effective solutions for your project. At SESL, they deliver results supported by industry-respected technical expertise and experience.

Sydney Environmental and Soil Laboratory was established in 1983 as an independent soil consultancy and laboratory by Simon Leake. SESL has provided analyses and consulting services to plant growing industries throughout Australia. Since then, SESL’s range of services and client base has expanded into a number of industries.

SESL provides independent laboratory testing and consulting services to:

  • Agriculture (broad acre and intensive);
  • Civil construction;
  • Environment (protection and assessment);
  • Government (federal, state and local);
  • Horticulture (amenity and production);
  • Mining (exploration and rehabilitation);
  • Turf (production and management); and,
  • Waste (generation and recycling).