Interested in a career in manufacturing, but not sure where to go to find out about it?

Key industry specialists here about the new CareersConnected website, which is a new resource for connecting students to training and employers.

The CareersConnected website focuses on manufacturing in a variety of sectors: Management & Systems; Technology & Innovation; Textiles, Clothing & Footwear; Fine Trades & Crafts; Furnishings & Wood; Food Processing; Cast metals; Light Metals; Marine; Aerospace; Automotive; Electrics & Electronics; Chemicals, Plastics and Hydrocarbons; Mineral products; Heavy Vehicles and Equipment.

The site provides fact sheets and career profiles for individual jobs within each sector and suggests methods of undertaking training or apprenticeships to start working in that career, providing weblinks to these organisations to get further information or make inquiries about training programs and courses.

VJ Rodney Meier